Abstrrkt Explorers Anniversary

The first public Early Access version (b0.9.6) of Abstrrkt Explorers was released on Google Play one year ago. This is a reason to look back at the past year and forward to the future of Abstrrkt Explorers.The Journey So FarWithout any marketing budget it was a slow launch with only about a hundred downloads in the first month. Daily download numbers increased over time though and on on May 18t...

Abstrrkt Explorers - Early Access Update b0.9.34

Update b0.9.34 of Abstrrkt Explorers is available now on Google Play. Aside from several major performance improvements two new features were added in this version.WoodworkingWoodworking can now be researched. This unlocks the sawmill, an upgrade for the woodcutter which produces a larger amount of wood, but requires two population.Defender VisualizationWhen attack infos are enabled in the game...

Multiplayer Testing

Hello,I have been working on getting the online multiplayer of Abstrrkt Explorers ready for a while. I just uploaded a first test version to Google Play that featurs the account system, friends list and online game progressbackup. Actual online play will hopefully follow next week.Everyone who wants to join the testing, please visit the discord for instructions:https://discord.gg/wkaGpEStHVAlex

Optimizing Abstrrkt Explorers

I have been working on converting Abstrrkt Explorers to Unity's new universial render pipeline (URP). This new pipeline is actively developed by Unity so there will be new features and performance improvements in the future. It is also optimized for mobile devices. This change already enabled me to greatly improve the rendering performance of the water.There are some challenges though, li...

Abstrrkt Explorers - Early Access Update b0.9.16

Abstrrkt Explorers' update b0.9.16 is rolling out on Google Play. With this update patrons can link their Patreon account to remove ads from the game. There also have been some smaller fixes and changes. For example, soldiers are no longer  recruited or promoted instantaneously. Instead this happens at the start of the players next turn.As I noticed I did not post patch notes here for some of t...

Official Abstrrkt Explorers Discord

The official Abstrrkt Explorers Discord has launched! There you can discuss the game and get the latest infos from Abstrrkt:Ask questions to get helpReport problems you encounteredShare your ideasJust talk about the gameJoin Abstrrkt Explorers Discord

Abstrrkt Explorers - Early Access Update b0.9.13

Update b0.9.13 for Abstrrkt Explorers is rolling out on Google Play.This update finally contains the singleplayer campaign I have been working on for a while. In the campaign you will help a stranded roman expedition to find their way back home.Feedback about the game in general but also about the singleplayer campaign specifically is always appreciated!

Abstrrkt Explorers - Early Access Update b0.9.12

Update b0.9.12 for Abstrrkt Explorers is rolling out on Google Play.This update contains mostly bugfixes. There is also a first batch of animations inegrated though. As the infrastructure to play animations is now mostly finished, adding more animations in the future should be a lot easier.

Abstrrkt Explorers - Early Access Update b0.9.11

Update b0.9.11 for Abstrrkt Explorers' beta is now rolled out by Google Play.Apart from two small fixes most of the changes in this update are related to performance optimizations. Performance should be improved by a lot, especially on graphic quality settings low to high.The current update is b0.9.11.1 actually which contains a fix for a small rendering glitch I found in b0.9.11.

Abstrrkt Explorers Tutorial System

Abstrrkt Explorers beta update b0.9.10 was just approved by Google Play and is rolling out now. This update adds a tutorial system to the game which provides additional information on most actions in the game. For everyone who wants to explore the game mechanics on their own: The tutorial system can be disabled in the tutorial popup.

Explorers Beta Launch

I am pleased to announce that Abstrrkt Explorers has reached public beta on Android! This early version of the game contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete. You can download the beta through Google Play for free. If you have any questions or encounter an error, please let me now in the forums section of this site. There are also subforums available to share ideas or lear...

Website Launch

After a long time and a lot of work the website for Abstrrkt is finally ready today. Here on this website you will find:  All information about Explorers (and other titles in the future)   The newsletter that keeps you up to date.  The forum where you can make suggestions, get help or just talk.   If you have a problem or find an error on the site, please report it in the forum or send an email...