Abstrrkt Explorers - Early Access Update b0.9.16

Abstrrkt Explorers' update b0.9.16 is rolling out on Google Play. With this update patrons can link their Patreon account to remove ads from the game. There also have been some smaller fixes and changes. For example, soldiers are no longer  recruited or promoted instantaneously. Instead this happens at the start of the players next turn.

As I noticed I did not post patch notes here for some of the previous updates so here is the complete list:


  • New: Ability to link a Patreon account to unlock benefits.
  • Changed: Soldiers are recruited and promoted in the next round.
  • Changed: Help link points directly to the Discord server.
  • Fixed: Disabling ads for one day via a rewarded ad sometimes does not work.


  • New: The game is now available in Russian.
  • New: Proper graphics for all viking buildings in campaign.
  • Changed: Help link points to community subpage, which leads to the games Discord server.
  • Fixed: Enemy buildings that cannot be reached by land can be attacked.
  • Fixed: Captured enemy buildings of other tribes change architecture.
  • Fixed: Broken game state when territory reaches edge of map.
  • Fixed: When starting an expedition sometimes no possible directions are shown.
  • Fixed: In some games many building graphics are missing.
  • Fixed: Loading a game will fail when no camera settings are found.


  • New: First batch of viking building graphics in campaign.
  • Fixed: AI does not produce food on volcanic maps.
  • Fixed: AI in campaign has buildings before first round when it should not.