Optimizing Abstrrkt Explorers

I have been working on converting Abstrrkt Explorers to Unity's new universial render pipeline (URP). This new pipeline is actively developed by Unity so there will be new features and performance improvements in the future. It is also optimized for mobile devices. This change already enabled me to greatly improve the rendering performance of the water.

There are some challenges though, like for example the shadow quality. I worked a lot on matching the look and quality I had before, but I am actually quite happy with the results so far.

Before I release an update with the new pipeline publically I would like to gather as much feedback as possible. If you would like to comment on the visuals or want to join the alpha test to give feedback on the games performance on your device, checkout the Discord at https://discord.gg/wkaGpEStHV. You can also contact me directly at support@abstrrkt.com.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Hello Alex,
So far i experience lags if the graphics are on the highest two settings, it runs smoothly otherwise. 
Please allow for zooming out further, a bit more than twice as far as is currently possible I'd say, that would make keeping track and oversight much easier, thanks in advance.
Founder ·
Hi, in earlier versions you could zoom out more. I had to reduce the maximum distance you can zoom out, because the settings required to make that possible also have an impact on the graphics when zoomed in. There are ways to solve this issue. So I might reenable zooming out further in the future.